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Vita-Myr Natural Products Introducing a Line of New Natural Herbal Products!  Natural Products for Healthy Living!

If you wish to leave a testimonial about any  of Vita-Myr products send it in an email to vitamyr@mindspring.com

We appreciate all our customers & love to hear how the products are doing for them. 

These are actual letters
from users of VITA-MYR Products

A good friend, after hearing of my on going struggles with my physical health, gave me my first container of Maca. It was like a miracle. After countless drs appointment that never helped, in just 3 days Maca made me feel better even in ways I had not expected. I can't imagine my life without it. Thank you so much for creating this product. I tell everyone who will listen what it has done for me because I know it can help others. T. Chaffee  ~July 22, 10014

Hi Robert, Just wanted to let you know that I went to the Dentist a few months ago and for the first time EVER, my Dentist told me that she knew I had been flossing more because my gums were not bleeding. The only thing I was doing  different was gargling with your mouthwash. (Note: I hardly floss at all). My husband, who just returned from Iraq a few months ago, had the same  results. I was sending him some of your mouthwash while he was there  (Iraq).  Robert, I have never written ANYONE a testimonial, but your products are  like a miracle. I love them!!!!! Gwendolyn

Hi Vitamyr Company, I visited my dentist: Family Dentistry in Tehachapi, Calif. in 2003. I had some cavities and needed work done. My husband's back went out and he had to have a couple of surgeries and I put my dental procedures aside. We just finished building a large house and with him being a general contractor and having back problems, we decided to close done our construction company and retire. Off to Kooskia, Idaho we moved. We had a guest Pam Stegner, who staying at our home and she did some of her radio shows from our home. That's where I was blessed to find out about your products. Your company sent her some products to our home address and she offered me some toothpaste and mouthwash. I have purchased the select comfort air bed and many other products from listening to Paul Harvey and found it to be some of my worst investments so at this time when offered these products I reflected back on the past experience of radio shopping and figured at least I'm not wasting my own money again. Well, after using the products for about 8 months which my husband refused to try, his front tooth fell out so I made appointments for us at the only dentist in our rural community of Kamiah, Idaho. I was shocked to find out that his teeth were going to have to have major dental work and the cavities found 2 years prior in Tehachapi, Calif. from my last visit where gone. This testimony is able to be verified by x-rays taken in both Tehachapi, Calif. and Kamiah, Idaho. Thank you so very much for your great products and for saving me money, pain, and dental work. You are more then welcome to use my name and any information I have given you. Thanks for caring enough to make a difference. 

Sincerely, Nita

Vita-myr mouthwash saved me from periodontal surgery, at the very least!

I’d been taking prescribed medications and apparently developed severe dry mouth.  For the first time and at the worst time possible (no dental insurance!), I developed the most fearsome abscesses in every quadrant of my mouth.  If I would’ve had dental insurance, I’m sure my gums would have required surgery.  The abscesses were profound, and spread like a plague.  The bleeding and pain were intense. 

I happened to find your product at Valencia Whole Foods, a neighborhood health food store here in San Francisco.  The mouthwash healed my gums and stopped the bleeding.  The receding gums grew back healthy, and it’s finally a pleasure to eat again!  My teeth are whiter than they’ve been in years, though I haven’t been to a dentist or hygienist in almost two years. 

Compared to the cost and pain of periodontal surgery, the possibility of losing my crowns, and the wasted money and continual pain after buying the typical over-the-counter remedies, your product is a bargain.  You should market this in many languages (in Spanish, at least!), for many new immigrants in this country have no dental insurance and could use this product. 

Thank you for making something so natural, helpful and so effective!  I think of you fondly when I eat my favorite foods.  Buen provecho!


I just wanted to drop a line and thank you for your wonderful products.  My entire life I have had severe canker sores.  Sometimes I would go months without one canker free day (a great way to lose weight but otherwise miserable!).  In addition, a few years ago my bottom gum started to recede and I was told I would have to have a gum graft.  For someone so young (23) to have so many problems I couldn't accept that there was no way for me to heal myself.  I started researching herbal remedies and discovered the benefits of Myrrh for mouth problems.  After a visit to my local health store, Vita-Myr toothpaste and mouthwash was recommended for me.  Wow!  Within one month I had no cankers.  After one year my gum has tightened up and I am still canker free.  I was told I no longer need the gum graft.  Thank you, Thank you,  Thank you!  I love this product.  Also, as a side note, I love the taste.  I used to gag and dread brushing my teeth before this.  Thanks soooooo much. 

Salt Lake City, Utah

Robert I just wanted to thank you for making your Vita-myr tooth paste and mouth wash I too was suffering from  dental problems until I happen to walk into a health food store in our city, it became one of the best moments of my life, I too can now enjoy many of the food I was unable to eat due to the sensitivity from chewing, I love the taste of the tooth paste and mouth wash and have recommended it to everyone I know, Robert your a godsend, thank you very much for giving me back my reason to smile! 
 F  T Colorado

Dear Vita-Myr people,
        Add this one to your long list of testimonials.  My lower right, rear molar was rapidly becoming looser and looser.  Last year, the periodontist told me that since I had my wisdom tooth removed, the tooth above it was rocking it slowly out of place, allowing food particles and germs to infect it's surrounding tissues and preventing it from healing.  He filed the tooth down to keep it out of harm's way from the tooth above it, and told me to wait until January and see if that did the trick.  The tooth seemed destined to come out of my mouth, but due to job loss, I was unable to pursue the surgical solution that the periodontist had recommended if the filing down of the tooth was ineffective.  In January, I used up the last of my old toothpaste and began using the Vita-myr as my only toothpaste.  My loose tooth is now almost as firmly cemented into place as the rest of my teeth and seems to be getting better, day by day.  I am sure that when I can finally afford to return to the periodontist, he will be astounded at the healing that has happened in the past few months.  Truly, he was very pessimistic about keeping this tooth without a bone graft made from animal bone, something that I did not want to have in my mouth.  Thank you for saving me from, surgery, spending all that money and from having the potential rejection of a foreign bone material cause me even further problems down the line. 

Elgin Illinois

Robert, Thank you so much for helping me order your toothpaste. I have just relocated to Florida and went out looking for Vita-myr toothpast and could not find it. Thank you for having a website. I absolutely love your toothpaste!. I have gum disease (gingivitis) and spent a small fortune on dentist bills. My mouth was allways sore. I had difficulty with both cold and hot foods, and chewing anything firm would irritate my gums. One day I was talking to my Chiropractor and he told me about your toothpaste. I went out and purchased some. I thought at first the cost was a little high, that is until I started using it. It is great! My mouth isn't sore anymore. I can eat both hot and cold foods and chewing is a breeze. I have not had any tooth pain since I started using it. I will continue to use it forever. I am going to get my son started on using it. Thank you again.   

"In my 15 years as a dentist thus far, VITA-MYR is the finest product I have
used on my patients for a variety of gum problems.  In the past, patients
suffering from pregnancy gingivitis which consists of red, swollen, bleeding
gums due to hormonal changes found little relief from the use of over the
counter mouthwashes and prescription products.  After just two days of
using VITA-MYR two of my patients experienced complete reversal of their
gum problems!"


I learned about your products a few weeks ago after hearing your message on KNPR here in Las Vegas. I had to call around and find a retail outlet that stocked your toothpaste and mouthwash and soon located the products at Health Express on Spring Mountain Road. After brushing and gargling with Vita-Myr for three weeks now my mouth feels refreshed, my gums are pink and the bleeding I had has stopped. My teeth are brighter and my wife now kisses me goodnight. I have told many of my friends and family member about Vita-Myr.
 You definitely have the best products on the market!

Las Vegas, NV 

Dear Sirs:

I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with your clove mouthwash.  It really works!  For the past several years it has been necessary for me to have my teeth cleaned four times a year.  After only three months of using your product, my hygienist has cut me back to twice a year.


VITA-MYR Mouthwash is truly remarkable...

Never before have my gums felt or looked so healthy and the way VITA-MYR cleans teeth and freshens breath....well...not even a cleaning at the dentist office produces that kind of feeling. My only complaint is that VITA-MYR 's not packaged travel size for us "on the go types". Thanks and all the best for continued success!!

G G. Las Vegas, NV

To whom it may concern...

I started rinsing my mouth with VITA-MYR about two years ago after hearing about how my brother's weak gums strengthened and tightened around his teeth after rinsing with VITA-MYR, enabling him to bite into hard foods such as apples for the first time in years. At the time, I was being seen by a Periodontist and learning how to care for my receding gum line. Although I felt as though I was following his instructions and working hard at caring for my teeth and gum line, my Periodontist was strongly recommending tissue replacement surgery. Being one to first try alternative treatments over more invasive ones, I started rinsing with VITA-MYR. After about two years of rinsing with VITA-MYR, I had a routine cleaning and was seen by two dentists, neither of whom mentioned or recommended any special care for my gums. While the ability of VITA-MYR to prevent or slow down my receding gum line is of great importance to me, I feel that it's most significant attribute is it's antiseptic properties. Normally throughout the year I come down with an average of three or four colds a year, mostly during the winter months. However, over the last two winters, in which I rinsed and gargled with VITA-MYR, I have reduced colds to one or less per year and attribute these great results to VITA-MYR's antiseptic properties. Lastly, yet another health attribute of VITA-MYR was recently identified within a problem that has been plaguing my wife for most her adult life. She frequently comes down with canker or cold sores that occur on the lips, tongue, inside the cheeks or on the gums. After just one minute of rinsing with VITA-MYR she noticed an immediate improvement and upon rinsing in the morning and evening, her sores began to heal themselves within a few days.

I very much believe in VITA-MYR for it's astringent and antiviral healing properties and it's overall ability to support the body's natural means of healing.

S N Nutritionist, Chico, CA

VITA-MYR is just the best....
I was introduced to VITA-MYR a few months back and was so impressed with the product that I began to sell it in my business. I am a Health Professional for eleven years and I only carry nutritional products that are unique and that I know really perform, and VITA-MYR is definitly one of those products. I can hardly keep it in stock. Once a customer tries VITA-MYR, they always return and leave with some for family and friends. VITA-MYR is just the best, no sugar, no alcohol, so clean and refreshing and it can be helpful in preventing periodontal disease, reduces plaque and helps to eliminate bad breath....

GOD Bless,
Olene A. Olene & Co.
Las Vegas, NV

This is a great mouthwash....
This is a great mouthwash, and I wouldn't want to use any other!

 Jim C.
 Santa Clara, UT

Your VITA-MYR Mouthwash is great!!

I have been using VITA-MYR for a couple of months now and have noticed amazing results. I used to have sore gums after flossing and now I have no problems whatsoever. My breath and mouth feel clean as can be. My teeth feel like I just went to the dentist. My gums look great and feel great. Keep up the good work and thanks for a wonderful product. I recommend it to everyone.

Thank you!
 Tim G.
Vista, CA

To the makers of VITA-MYR...

I was introduced to this amazing product during the summer of 1997. Since that time I have been a regular user and would not be with our it. This is a product that truly does all it claims to do and more. It's the " and more" that motivated me to write this letter. I have a slight problem with TMJ that causes me to occasionally bite my lip or tongue when chewing. Before VITA-MYR this would cause days of pain and discomfort. Now I have seemingly immediate healing. Canker sores and soreness in general from whatever cause is no longer a problem, now that I use your product. I also have not had my usual yearly bouts with flu and colds. The only thing I can attribute this to is the regular use of VITA-MYR, I haven't made any other changes in my diet, habits or routines. Not only have I not gotten sick. I feel healthier overall. It's great! Thank you for bring us this wonderful product. It has made a tremendous difference in my life

 Sandee N.
 Las Vegas, NV

This Mouthwash really works!!

I have had problems with my teeth since I was 13 years old. Now I am 44 and still visit my dentist for replacement of old crowns. I recently sat in the dentist's chair for four hours. You can imagine how sore my mouth was after the Novocain shots and the dental tools poking and pulling at my gums. The inside of my mouth was all raw and chopped up. I immediately started using VITA-MYR three times a day and it healed my sore and cut up mouth. I highly recommend this product. You to can have immediate results that can save your mouth and teeth a lot of pain.

M.M. T
Las Vegas, NV

Very effective....

I find VITA-MYR to be a very effective and beneficial oral hygiene product.

I would highly recommend it for daily use.

 Las Vegas, NV

My teeth looked that good...
I just placed an order for your toothpaste.  I found it in Las Vegas at a health food store on my way to Red Rock Canyon.  I've used 2 tubes and wanted to tell you that my hygienist could not believe the difference.  I have had some TMJ/gum issues and after surgery my lower lip and gums are slightly numb.  That leads me to hurting my gums when I brush...I can't tell when I brush too hard.  Anyway, my hygienist could not believe the difference and she thought perhaps I had been to another hygienist, my teeth looked that good.  They also didn't bleed. Amazing.
Additionally, I had some recent gum surgery...a graft and the surgeon could
not believe how fast my gums healed.  My feeling is it is the result of your


Stopped bleeding..
I've used your mouthwash in a previous order and it stopped my gums bleeding dramatically in 2 days.
Thank you for developing such a superior product.

E  B, C, WA

Big difference..
I bought my first tube of VITA-MYR on May 26 and just love it. And even though it was just days before my June 5th dental appointment for a cleaning, I noticed a BIG difference in the amount of time the cleaning
took.  I'm positive it was due to using your toothpaste.
Thank you for a wonderful product.

H. J, Tennessee

I enjoy the VITA-MYR products..
I would like to tell you how much I enjoy the VITA-MYR products.  Started use on about 11/01/00.  It was strange at first, but as I kept using the product, things changed.  A viral infection that had plagued me for almost a
year, cleared up.  I had been on antibiotics several times over the last year, but would not clear up.  I used VITA-MYR mouthwash as a gargle, cleared up a sore throat.  When I went to the dental clinic last month was surprised to hear that the gum recession was looking okay..
Thank you so much

J. R, Iowa

Beautiful smiles again...
I want to share with you how pleased my family are with your toothpaste. Here is a list of reasons we are so very pleased!
1. Our teeth are whiter and cleaner than before.
2. Your toothpaste is a safe product to use, it has no bad chemicals to worry about.
3. I had a good size bump on my gum and now it's almost gone, after using your toothpaste for 1 month.
*4. We have a child who had a stroke before birth she also has seizures. She is unable to expel during brushing.  Your toothpaste is safe for her to swallow.  The seizure medicine discolors her teeth, but now they are white again.  That's wonderful.  To see her smile with white teeth again, what a
5. We are so pleased that your toothpaste kills bacteria in the mouth.
6. I have diabetes and gingivitis and now my gums and teeth are healthier. No more gums that bleed while brushing my teeth and gums.
7. Good-job from a family you have made very happy. You have made us all have beautiful :) smiles again...

R M., Brooklyn, NY

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